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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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connected to and inspired by. personally, there is space to keep that alive, just finding balance. the key is to find some balance.
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>> and live like to welcome everyone to the planning commission regular meeting for thursday, july 7, 2011. we will not tolerate any outbursts of any kind. please turn off your mobile devices. when speaking before the commission, please speak into the microphone and state your name for the record. at this time we will call will. -- call roll. [roll call]
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commissioner moore is expected to be absent. >> first on your calendar, the consideration of items proposed for a continuance. item 1 234 ninth street proposed for a continuance until september 15, 2011. we have received a request for a continuance for item 18. ddd at 2040 jackson street. a request for a discretionary review through july 27, 2011. all parties are in agreement on that segment. item 17, 610 el camino del mar,
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the request has been withdrawn due to a settlement. that is all i have. >president olague: that is -- is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. president miguel: i move 234 nonth street september 15 and also a continuance on item 18. >> second. >> on that motion to continue as proposed. commissioner antonini: aye. president miguel: aye. president olague: aye. .
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that motion passes unanimously, which places us on the consent calendar. these are items deemed to be a routine by the planning commission and will be acted on by a single roll call vote. there will not be any discussion amongst the public so requests. i have only one item under consent and i have three speaker cards for item barack. 2011.0415c. president olague: seen that the have three cards on this item, we are going to go ahead and pull it and hear it at this time. >> good afternoon, members of the commission.
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the request before you is conditional use authorization for procter to establish a restaurant -- authorization to establish a restaurant. it closed at its van ness avenue location in 2011. it was displaced due to the expansion of the california medical center. while the polk street neighborhood district hosts a number of restaurants, the relocation would not result in a net increase in the number of restaurants in the area. it should be noted be location is currently vacant, so it would not displace an existing tenant providing services to the neighborhood. in 2005, this commission --
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since that time, the restaurant not begin operation. therefore, the previous conditional use is no longer valid in the new conditional use authorization would be needed. staff does receive 14 communications in support of the project. i would like to pass out one additional letter. supporters cite responsible management of the previous location of the restaurant. staff has received no communications in opposition to the project. finally, i would like to address an issue. this letter alleges that the base of the building contains an illegal dwelling unit. staff visited the area. the area is currently being used for storage and rehearsal space. it does not contain